Neue Ausgabe der interdisziplinären Zeitschrift iJET

Die zweite Ausgabe der interdisziplinären Zeitschrift jJET (International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning) beleuchtet die Forschung und Entwicklung zum Einsatz digitaler Medien, zu Gamification, Learning Management-Systemen u.v.m..

Interessante Beiträge:

  • Construction and Implementation of Teaching Mode for Digital Mapping based on Interactive Micro-course Technology
  • The Effects of Static and Dynamic Visual Representations as Aids for Primary School Children in Tasks of Auditory Discrimination of Sound Patterns. An Intervention-based Study
  • Perceptions of Students for Gamification Approach: Kahoot as a Case Study
  • Smartphone Habits and Behaviors in Supporting Students Self-Efficacy
  • The Effect of Using Flipped Classroom Strategy on the Academic Achievement of Fourth Grade Students in Jordan
  • Smart Makerspace: A Web Platform Implementation
  • Construction of SPOC-based Learning Model and its Application in Linguistics Teaching
  • Factors Influencing Academic Performance of Students in Blended and Traditional Domains
  • A Systematic Review of Second Language Learning with Mobile Technologies
  • Design of Multimedia-based Digital Storybooks for Preschool Education

Alle Beiträge können kostenlos auf der Webseite des Journals als Open Access heruntergeladen werden.



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