Getting Ready for #WBK10DoT

Ten Days of Twitter for Adult and Professional Education will start next week on Monday August 29, 2017, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you online, exploring Twitter and joining in the conversations. I’ve found it an invaluable way to share information and resources with others. I hope you find it a positive experience too.

We’ll be going at a manageable pace – one small aspect of Twitter each day  – each day will need about 20 – 30 minutes for you to cover the basics. If you get a day or so behind, don’t worry though, it’s easy to catch up when you have time, the blog posts will all still be there, and I will still be around on Twitter to say hi! If you have time, there are some extras to explore, also spend a little time engaging with your Twitter feed and interacting with your new followers – it will be worth investing a little extra time if you’re able to!

Preparing for Day 1: Set up a profile
In order to participate in this course you will need a Twitter account. Setting up an account on Twitter is the easy part! There’s still a few things to think about, as Twitter is a very public social media channel. Some prefer using a test account first to explore twitter within this course until they get used to, others will start off with a real name using a personal, individual account or wish to set up an impersonal account to publicise a department, service or group. This information is covered more on detail on Day 1, and for your convenience it will be published this week on August 24, 2017, so you will have enough time to get prepared for your account setup.

Where does the course happen?
Follow the Twitter stream at
Daily Tasks and general course information will be published on this blog and from the @WBK10DoT course account, conversations through my individual account @cinigabellini. If registered you will receive the daily task information by email.

If you have any questions or comments, do leave them in the comment field below. If you’re finding it hard to get in touch through the blog, do email me. By the way, you can comment, email or tweet in German, multilingual tweeting is quite common.

See you soon online!