#WBK10DoT is over: What next?

I hope you have enjoyed exploring twitter during the past 10 days and could find valuable information resources and/or start connecting with people of your interest.
At this point I thought it would be nice to offer some suggestions about how you can continue to use Twitter in your context.

Use Hashtags
Hashtags are a great way to make your area of interest, and the materials you produce more visible. You should not hold back about creating your own hashtags if no relevant ones exist, but remember what we covered on Day 5.

Twitter is a great way to raise awareness of events your Organisation or Department may be hosting. You can then LiveChat the event to further raise awareness or monitor Twitter chat from events you can’t physically attend. Twitter is also a very good medium for helping you to reach out to new audiences.

Twitter is of course a communication medium, but it can actually be of great use in keeping the members of the sub-groups within your organisation up to date with your activities. You can also use Twitter to communicate more easily with students, researchers and part-time staff who may not always be kept up to date with activities through normal channels.

Twitter and Blogging
These two forms of social media work very well together. It is a good idea to keep your blogs managed in such a way that the essential content of each blog can easily be tweeted.

I’ll shortly be sending round an evaluation survey, to find out what you thought of 10 Days of Twitter. I’d really welcome your feedback, so I can improve the programme and perhaps run future courses like this on other aspects of E-Learning or social media!

The Future
Now you’ve learned to use Twitter as part of the #HSLU10DoT community, it would be great if we can sustain the conversations and the community around E-Learning and social media at HSLU.

The @ZentrumLL account for Zentrum Lernen und Lehren draws together information and conversations around digital learning, teaching and assessment at HSLU. Keep following for information about activities and maybe upcoming courses on digital learning topics within the HSLU and beyond. Do message us to ask questions, engage in conversations or draw our attention to anything you think we should know about!

I’ll still be around on Twitter as @cinigabellini of course, tweeting about a wide range of issues to do with E-Learning.

I look forward to interacting with you in future – do keep in touch!